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Being cosmetics creators we’re always exploring new formulations, beauty trends and seeking out industry secrets. We want to share affordable solutions to all of your beauty needs, so have created the #bestkeptbeautysecrets hub where you can learn tips and share your beauty secrets too.

To kick off, we catch up with some of our favourite New Zealand women of the moment and learn their best kept beauty secrets. We hope you enjoy and would love to hear yours. Watch them here!

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Monica Cronin, 18, Model 

Monica Cronin, 18, Model 

Sophie Nathan, 18, Student & Model

Sophie Nathan, 18, Student & Model

Jordan Rondel, The Caker 

Jordan Rondel, The Caker 


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Women are busy! Our days are crammed with work, school, or university. Busy with family, and friends, or running households and businesses. Having a beauty routine that works for you is important, and having makeup that lasts during your hectic day is even more important. We catch-up with Jordan Rondel, The Caker, (@thecaker) who turned a creative hobby into a successful business. She shows us what Collection products are her best kept beauty secrets and why they work for her in her busy day.

Meet Jordan, "The Caker"


Auckland, NZ

What’s your daily beauty routine?

It’s pretty relaxed. I wash and moisturise my face morning and night. In the morning I use a light SPF15 moisturiser and at night, depending on how my skin feels, I’ll use a little bit of rosehip oil on top of my moisturiser. I’ll do a face scrub once a week, and a good detoxifying face mask once or twice a month

Why is the Collection Does It All Mascara and Lasting Colour Lipstick your best kept beauty secrets?

Mascara is my go to makeup item because it helps to enhance my eyes and make me look less tired (which I am most of the time!) I love the Collection Does It All mascara because it’s completely clump free and lightweight. China Rose is the lip colour that suits my complexion best. I definitely suit more neutral, subtle tones, which is why the Collection Lipstick in China Rose is my favourite lipstick right now!

Have you got any other beauty secrets to share?

I take skin, hair and nail supplements, which are high in Silica - these help to lend a glow to the skin, and promote stronger nails and hair. I also try to go to Little Bird (@littlebirdorganics) as often as I can for a green detox juice. I like to think this helps!

What’s your beauty mantra- i.e. favourite look you live by?

I think beauty is all about being comfortable and confident in your own skin. Beauty comes from within, so once happy with yourself, your beauty will shine.

You are a very busy woman with your cakery! How did you start your career in this?

It really was a hobby that turned into a job. I started the business in 2010 and haven't looked back!

What is your most popular cake from The Caker?!

Definitely our flourless dark chocolate cake. It’s super rich and luxurious and full of the best chocolate money can buy.

What advice would you give to young New Zealand women wanting to start their own business?

You must always hold the passion, belief and love for what you’re doing, but first and foremost, hard work is the only way to really achieve your goals.

What’s your motivation to drive you forward?

I’m very motivated by the idea of having an international brand! I want to have our cake mixes stocked all over the world, so this year that’s the main thing we are working on.

What’s your daily go to read?

Sadly I don’t get much time to read. If I find a spare minute, I’ll aim to read news on the BBC website, look at my favourite food blogs or flick through a good magazine. 

What’s on your bucket list for the future?

Travel travel travel! 

What comes next for The Caker?

We have just hired three new staff members, so this will change things a lot around here. It will hopefully give my sister Anouk (co-owner) and I some free time to go on a trip to Sydney to find some potential stockists for our cake mixes. 

If you could give one piece of beauty advice what would it be?

Smile :)


Sophie Nathan, 18, is quickly becoming a very popular model, recently representing many New Zealand designers at fashion week. She's not too bad on the soccer field either having played at a national level, and is currently studying at Victoria University in Wellington. This babe doesn't mind a music festival and a bit of fluro, and we love her! She is so much fun and we love her sense of style. We catch-up with her to learn more on what Collection Cosmetics are her best kept beauty secrets and why?

Meet Sophie


Auckland, NZ

What are you studying?

Bachelor of Commerce/ Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Marketing and Art History

What does your morning beauty routine involve?

Cleansing and moisturising is an absolute must!  I try to keep it pretty light so that my skin stays clear, so more focus on making my eyes stand out with things like mascara and eyeliner

Why is the Collection Extreme 24 hour Felt Tip Liner and Collection Lipstick your best kept beauty secrets?

The liner is so easy to use and stays on and pristine throughout the day which is a must have for a girl like me who’s always rushing around doing something! The lipsticks are brilliant for adding a pop of colour and a statement look. I especially love the Mulberry Burst colour and it's creamy feel.

Have you got any other beauty secrets?

As weird as this sounds, if my brow pallette or pencil runs out I use eyeshadows to line brows and it works an absolute treat! It also helps you to make your brows as subtle or bold as you like

Your beauty rules to live by?

ALWAYS remove your makeup before you sleep! I find particularly during Fashion Week when the makeup gets extreme and relentless that your skin can get pretty damaged, so I always go to shows with makeup wipes and moisturizer to keep it looking fresh.  Other than that, no rules! Just embrace whatever you vibe and run with it

 Ideal date make up?

Dark brown/golden smokey eye, light contouring and highlight

Girl crush?

Gigi Hadid and Taylor Hill (couldn’t pick between them!)

Favourite Music Festival?

Such a fan of music festivals! Definitely on the bucket list to get to Coachella and Burning Man

Song you're feeling right now?

Keep it Simple - Raleigh Ritchie

Favourite place you have travelled to?

Thailand! Absolutely love it there, especially Koh Samui - so so beautiful

Fave weekend adventure location?

Escaping north of Auckland, there are so many beautiful beaches and secret hideaways, just find a car some pals and have yourself a roadie

Something most people don’t know about you?

I can do a rubix cube in 2 minutes ;)






Our #bestkeptbeautysecrets films show that affordable Collection cosmetics means great quality makeup, which meet fashion shoots standards, and a model's expectation!

New Zealand model 18 year old, Monica Cronin typifies this belief, and shares with us her favorite Collection products as her best kept beauty secrets. Read on to find out why these are Monica's go-to for her daily makeup look!


Meet Monica


Auckland, New Zealand

You are very busy model travelling the world- what does your morning beauty routine involve?

Shower, gentle exfoliation, and then a light natural moisturiser

Why is the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer and Lasting Colour Lipstick in 'Red Carpet', your best kept beauty secrets?

I love the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, I wear it for castings as it has a very light look and never looks caked on. I also apply a little more if I am going out at night to brighten my face and give an overall finished look. A red lipstick is my absolute favorite lip color to wear at night. The Collection Red Lipstick is always in my makeup kit because I love the matte look and it's super easy to apply and lasts throughout the night! 

Have you got any other beauty secrets?

Never ever go to sleep with your makeup on. No matter how tired you are a simple makeup wipe can always do the trick. Also when it comes to makeup less is always more I think, so keep it simple to have an effortless, cool look

What’s your make-up mantra and look you live by?

Keep it classic and simple. My favorite makeup look by far is a bold lip, with a slightly shimmery eye. I think if you are going for a bold lip to have a simple eye maybe with a bit of liner. And if a smokey eye is your choice, then a nude lip will match perfectly

How do you stay healthy and go-to meal?

I eat everything in moderation. I think it's important to keep balance in your diet. Also staying hydrated, I always have hot water with lemon in the morning which has many health benefits and also I have started to get into the habit of having green tea at night. For me my go-to meal would definitely be some sort of Japanese or if I'm home a yum tuna salad

Ideal date make up?

A light layer of foundation for coverage, bronzer, and a little bit of concealer for your under eyes. Paired with a simple, light eye and a clear lip gloss. To give a natural and effortless look

Last location you travelled?

I am currently in Hong Kong, and still beginning to explore here. I can't wait to go on one of the amazing hikes here, and everyday I find cute hidden cafes or boutique shops

Tips on taking a good photo/selfie?

Lighting is definitely a must. Face where the light is coming from and I always like to have my phone horizontal (it always is bonus if you have a beautiful background) 

How do you stay fit?

I try to do some form of exercise everyday. Wether that be yoga, Pilates, TRX, a run or even a gentle walk. Making your workout enjoyable is the most important advice I think, this way you will want and look forward to doing your workout

Latest Netflix obsession?

Gossip Girl omggggg!!! I love the forever-changing style and never-ending gossip

Personal Style?

I like to take current fashion trends and alter them slightly, like choosing a different colour, size or adding an extra element to them. Looking neat and put together is hugely important to me, so by adding and investing in classic accessories like a watch, sunglasses or a timeless handbag, you can perfectly finish off an outfit. My wardrobe is mostly black, grey and white with odd denim pieces like shorts or a jacket. If I had to describe my personal style in three words I would say: Classic, cool and edgy

How to have great hair day?

When in doubt, I always style my hair in a half topknot - it looks effortless and cool (and hides any unwanted bad hair day symptoms!)

Favourite emoji?

The Cherry Blossom and Shooting Star are always in my recent emojis!

Life tip you live by?

Everything happens for a reason! By far my favourite quote and background on my iPhone ;)

How to be confident?

Don’t compare yourself to others. We often only see peoples highlights, but never their ‘behind the scenes’. With social media being a large part of our day-to-day lives this can be an important message to remember. Never compare your beginning to someone else’s middle

Victoria Nunns the creative beauty amazes us with her beautiful makeup looks each week- she’s a talented freelance makeup artist, designer and illustrator and we catch-up with her to learn some of her #bestkeptbeautysecrets, beauty tips, and her favourite beauty trends of 2016. 

Check out her latest Collection Cosmetics tutorial here




Wellington, New Zealand

Instagram and website?



Youtube Channel?


How did you get into makeup?

I’ve always loved makeup but didn’t really get into it until about three years ago when I was looking at makeup for a dress-up party – I was going as Jessica Rabbit. My eyes were opened to the world of youtube and makeup tutorials and I fell in love with it!

Beauty trends of the moment and 2016?

I think everyone has been in love with a glowing highlight and a matte liquid lipstick – which I am too. But it’s good to remember to not follow the trends sometimes too!

What are your beauty tool essentials?

I am a big believer in getting your skincare right; a good base makes makeup look and wear 100 x better! Also find the best application tools for you, experiment and see what works!

What’s your beauty regime?

I do my skincare routine both morning and night. I probably wear makeup half the time, as other days I just want to let my skin breathe! When I do wear makeup, I go all out because I love it!

What is your beauty mantra?

Do you. Ask questions and don’t be afraid to experiment.

Favourite Collection cosmetics product?

I LOVE the Lasting Colour Lipstick in Taffeta Bloom, but all the colours are amazing, and smell so good!

If you were to offer some of your #bestkeptbeautysecrets what would they be?

Be confident! Experiment with your makeup and practice if you want to get better. I used to come home from work and play with my makeup before taking it all off before bed. That way there is no pressure to get it right! Wear sunscreen everyday and get that skincare routine right.

How did you get into beauty vlogging & blogging?

I fell in love with watching youtube and learning about makeup. I started to do makeup looks on my own face everyday and it wasn’t long before friends and family were asking me for advice or to do their makeup. I would get stopped when I was out and about asking what I was wearing on my face or complimented on my makeup, so I thought why not get into blogging? I started posting pictures on my instagram and started to gain a following. I am so passionate about it, so it really was a no brainer!

Who is your beauty icon?

I don’t have one – there are too many to name!

Favourite beauty technique of the moment?

I love spraying my face before and after makeup with a hydrating spray. It locks everything in place but also keeps me looking fresh and dewy!

What is your favourite way to switch up a look?

Definetly change up the lip colour! You can go day to night with a switch of your lipstick! If you want more drama, add some lashes and you are good to go!

You’re moving to Fiji soon, what are your beauty essentials to look great and stay natural at the beach?

Yes, in June! Sunscreen for sure. But I love tinted lipbalm and lots of bronzer. Waterproof mascara is a must for me.

Who’s some of your fav people to follow on Instagram at the moment?

I love Desi Perkins, she is so hot and very talented! Amrezy too, I love her relaxed attitude. Jordan Liberty is amazingly talented, I love it every time he posts a new look! I would love to meet him. My favourite fashion blogger is Angelica Blick, I am obsessed with her style.

What’s something your followers don’t know about you?

I’m a creative. I have an Honours degree in Visual Communication Design and I majored in illustration. I have been fulltime freelancing for a year and a half now on top of my makeup blogging and I adore digital painting! I love being able to be creative for my job, so much fun. I think that my love for makeup is just an extension of my creativity. You can see some of my work on my wesbsite.

What’s next for Victoria Nunns Beauty?

This year I am really focusing on growing my youtube channel and my instagram presence. I love making videos and interacting with my followers, so I really hope that I can do more of this this year. As I will be based in Fiji, my main focus will be to help my partner Saimon with the watersports business and make makeup videos when I’m not on the water! I’m too excited for this year!